Tuesday, 10 May 2016 16:30

Consultancy Services



logistical investigations

MDG Consulting offer to their customers (shippers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies) logistical investigations services with detailed analysis of temperature deviations of thermo-sensitive shipments in any packaging type and transport.
Choosing the appropriate Solutions for the maintenance of the cold chain.
This consulting services are aimed at identifying on the market, innovative products that best fit the needs of the customer for the maintenance of the cold chain. This technical / strategic consultancy is not limited only to the choice of the most suitable products but is also extended to the review of operational procedures related to the use of them.

Qualification of suppliers according to GDP

According to the criteria established by clients (pharmaceutical companies) and in accordance with the guidelines on Good Distribution Practice for medicinal products for human use, MDG Consulting offers comprehensive audit services of suppliers, analysis of non-compliance and the final report.
In relation to the GDP, and in consideration of the needs of pharmaceutical companies, MDG Consulting offers also support and assistance to the logistics companies that are dealing with the transport of temperature-sensitive products in order to achieve the "qualification of suppliers."

Logistics procurement management

MDG offers its consulting services to small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies for the preparation of a logistical tender, aiming to:


1 - Preliminary bidding (the tender setting, forms);

2 - Technical documentation (eg. / Fail to GDP ..);

3 - Preparing technical bid / economic;

4 – Closing and analazing the datas