Bcube Air Cargo

Bcube Air Cargo

MdG Consulting

July 2014

The official ceremony of Bcube Air Cargo took place for the delivery of IATA certificates relating to the CEIV (Center of Excellence Independent Validators) certification.

This certification represented a fundamental step for pharmaceutical transport in Italy, having contributed to the implementation of skills and infrastructures that allow today an excellent pharmaceutical shipping service in the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa, perfectly in line with the new EU GDP guidelines.

Both airports have been equipped with temperature-controlled cold rooms, managed by a competent and periodically trained staff, to deal with any type of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical product.

The services offered are several, one of them being the one with a dedicated vehicle with controlled temperature on Tarmac to avoid the problem of temperature excursions on APRON. The infrastructure is equipped with a sophisticated temperature monitoring system controlling all the areas.

Marco Del Giudice, Managing Director of MdG Consulting, contributed significantly to the project, assisting
the Bcube Air Cargo with enthusiasm and competence, thanks to his extensive technical know-how in
logistics and EU GDP.

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