BDP International achieves the IATA CEIV Pharma certification

BDP International achieves the IATA CEIV Pharma certification

MdG Consulting

August 2021

BDP International, one of the leading global companies in logistics and transport solutions with private capital, has obtained the IATA CEIV PHARMA certification for its offices in Brussels, Milan and New York.

MdG Consulting, whose CEO is Marco Del Giudice, oversaw the phases of the process which took place in about 2 years, from March 2020 to August 2021. The achievement of the certification involved various company figures: the Global Pharma Manager, the Local Pharma Managers, the quality managers of each branch and the Country Managers.

"Guaranteeing product quality is a significant challenge for the Pharmaceutical industry. With CEIV certification our customers around the world can be sure that their logistics partner invests in the highest quality standards for their products" says Simona Ravera , sales director of BDP International.

The IATA certification of CEIV Pharma ensures, in fact, the correct management of pharmaceutical products by establishing regulations and standards for the air transport of goods.


The BDP International project for the achievement of the IATA CEIV PHARMA certification was supported by MdG Consulting in the following steps:

  • Drafting of manuals (Pharma Manual).

The manual contains the global guidelines on the management of the pharmaceutical product for all branches of BDP International globally.

In addition to the correct phases of goods management, the Pharma Manual also explains how to carry out training in the branches, the risk analysis to be carried out, the qualification process of critical suppliers and air shipment management with the relative documentation necessary for transport. . Finally, local procedures have been detailed for each branch of the company.

  • Training sessions in webinar mode.

Marco Del Giudice oversaw the webinar training sessions.

The first course focused on the study of risk analysis using the FMEA methodology (Failure Mode Effective Analysis) and its application with the aid of practical examples.

The second training session covered the GDP guidelines (Good Practice in the Distribution of Medicinal Products for Human Use) and their application to the specific context.

  • Periodic meetings

Following the training course, each branch carried out a risk analysis which was followed by periodic meetings for the discussion of the individual work.


BDP International was born in 1966 with the name “R.J. Bolte Co ". Its founder Richard J. Bolte Sr, following a series of mergers, in 1973 transformed the company name into "BDP International".

The company was among the first to automate the shipping sector by implementing electronic data exchange systems with sea and air carriers.

Over the years, the company has invested heavily in technology for business solutions, winning prestigious awards and becoming one of the first import logistics companies in the United States to be certified by Customs for Remote Location Filing (RLF) services.

BDP International, nominated in 2016 as the most ethical company in the world by the Ethisphere Institut, is among the main suppliers in logistics services.

With 134 offices around the world and 5,000 employees, it has always pursued an ideal of innovation and social responsibility, operating in vertical sectors such as healthcare, chemicals, industry, manufacturing, petroleum and retail.

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