Beta-Trans achieves IATA CEIV certification

Beta-Trans achieves IATA CEIV certification

MdG Consulting

November 2021

Beta - Trans S.p.A., a leading company in the transport, logistics and handling (airport handling of goods) sector has achieved the IATA Pharma CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certification, certifying the high standards achieved in transport and management of the pharmaceutical product.

MdG Consulting, in the person of Marco Del Giudice (Managing Director of the group), took care of the entire certification process for the Segrate and Milan branches, where the certified company owns temperature-controlled warehouses for the management of shipments of pharmaceutical products on behalf of airlines and shipping companies.

The certification process started in 2018 and ended in 2021, expanding over time due to the ongoing pandemic.

The CEIV Pharma certification launched by IATA applies the principles of GDP (Good Distribution Practices) and transforms them into requirements of excellence for the air transport of pharmaceutical shipments, with the aim of increasing technical knowledge and the quality of transport through training and control by validators external to IATA.


The project developed by MdG Consulting, in the person of Marco Del Giudice, focused on three specific areas.

Consultancy on IATA CEIV certification

  • Training of personnel involved in the management of the pharmaceutical product through the e - learning platform managed by MdG Srl (MdG Academy ed);
  • Development of a new manual with all the management procedures of pharmaceutical products;
  • Gap analysis sessions at Malpensa airport and subsequent work on the non-conformities resulting from the investigation.

Mapping service

  • Study of the air flows inside the temperature-controlled areas, based on the European guidelines of "Good practice in the distribution of medicinal products for human use" (Segrate and Malpensa facilities). The analysis was carried out through the use of an innovative RfiD sensors system, connected to a cloud platform, managed remotely with the help of specialized personnel.

Supply of a permanent monitoring system for temperature-controlled areas.

  • The equipment was installed after the mapping study and is still operative. Together with the monitoring system, specific E - learning training was provided for the staff using the above-mentioned equipment. The monitoring system also complies with all the criteria required by the pharmaceutical industry, such as compliance with CFR21 part 11, related to the integrity of the data collected.


Beta - Trans was founded in 1957 at the customs office in Milan under the name of “Agenzia Doganale Rag. Giuseppe Bianculli ". Subsequently, with the development of the customs office in Milan, further offices were opened at the airports of Linate and Malpensa, in Concorezzo and Turbigo.

Over time, the company has evolved not only in customs formalities but also in ancillary services to shipments, with specific focus on warehouse management and air and sea activities.

In 1983 the company intensified its customs activity becoming Beta - Trans.

In 2003 Beta - Trans obtained the eligibility to operate within Malpensa airport for ground management services on behalf of ENAC until it became a "Regulated Agent".

In 2009 the company obtained the AEO customs certification as "Full authorized economic operator for customs simplifications / security."

The company has expanded over time and today many airlines and GSAs use its services dedicated to Air Cargo. The logistics area has developed to ensure greater efficiency in the storage, preparation and handling of goods.

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